Authentic, timeless, and romantic wedding photography is our jam. We like to take beautiful photos a step further and do something creative. Ya know, shoot it differently than your average 'pretty' photographer. Oh and we LOVE emotion. We all wear our hearts on our sleeves so we love a couple that does, too. Our couples aren't afraid to get close - in fact, they love snuggling up to each other and often sneak in little kisses between the clicks of our shutters.

Oh - and who is this 'we' that I speak of? Well, I'm Jill (the Jill in JTP) - you'll be working with me throughout the entire process - whether I'm your photographer or you're working with someone on my team. I do the consulting, planning, and editing for all JTP Weddings. But these beautiful photos that you're seeing all over our site, well - these are the fruits of ALL of our labor. We are a collaborative team, one that I put together after years of finding the right personalities and talents to add to the team. Shoot us a note and let's get to know each other better!