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A few weeks ago I met Kim + Avram in Phoenix, AZ at Papago Park’s Hole in the Rock. I’d photographed here earlier in the year, and it was so much fun to come back and explore the area with a completely new couple. Kim + Avram were super sweet and fun and had actually lived together in Phoenix for a while – so it was a special place for them to come back to and celebrate their engagement. I just love the scenery in this shoot – the palm trees, water, desert, foothills, cactus… all in one location! Kim + Avram, thanks for being so awesome to work with. I had a blast exploring the park with you guys, and I wish I wasn’t already booked for your wedding! Good luck with everything and I hope to see you guys again soon! Happy Wedding Planning!


What an incredible year it has been. As always, it flew by and I can’t believe there’s only a few weeks left of 2015. I was privileged enough to work with some of the most amazing people. Couples who I now call friends. People that I’ve laughed and cried with. Brides I have calmed during their most stressful moments.  Grooms I’ve seen cry tears of joy – emotions that even their closest of friends and family hadn’t seen them express before. To do what I love for a living and to share my gift with people who choose to work with me is truly a blessing. It is one that I am thankful for every single year, no matter how exhausted or burnt out I am by the end. I love it. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. 

That being said, I want to work with all of my JTPhoto couples again (some I already have/have plans to). And here’s how you can win a FREE Anniversary/Lifestyle Photo Session with me (or you can help one of your favorite couples win) in 2016!

Starting today (12/23) and running through the end of the year (12/31), I’ll be running a photo “like” contest – similar to the one I ran in 2013 for those of you that followed me back then. This year, winners will receive a FREE 2-hour Anniversary or Lifestyle Photo Session with me in 2016, including the digital files and rights to print.

Here’s how it works:

  1. “LIKE” the Jill Tiongco Photography Facebook Page (your vote will ONLY BE COUNTED if you “LIKE” the page).
  2. Click on the 2015 JTPhoto Contest Album pinned to the top of the page.
  3. “LIKE” the couple’s photo you want to win (your vote will ONLY BE COUNTED ONCE – so choose wisely)
  4. The couple with the most “LIKES” by December 31st, 2015… WINS!
  5. Winners will be announced on Monday, January 4th, 2016.

That’s it! So get to it – vote for yourself, recruit your family and friends to vote for you, or just vote out of the kindness of your heart because you like the photo – either way, there’s gonna be a winner of this $600 value photo session so VOTE NOW!


I don’t normally photograph families, but I just coudln’t resist shooting baby Jordyn, my cousin, and her husband during my visit in Arizona. Jordy in that denim shirt and boots…. the cutest!! Blogged by popular demand, here are a few of my favorite shots of this beautiful family. Thanks for having me as a guest in your home this past week – hopefully see you all again soon!


It’s that time of year again where comfort meeting style is a necessity. So I teamed up with Chicago Fashion Bloggers, Ticket & Tag, to get some inspiration on what they’re wearing this snowy season. Here’s what they came up with:

Jess (pictured below): “My Bang Bang outfit was inspired by my need to wear cozy sweaters and preppy plaid in the winter. I wanted to wear something I could imagine next to a fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa! I love that the sweater has a feminine shape with the low v so I don’t feel like a sack of potatoes. It felt like the perfect pairing to wear while enjoying a hearty slice of pie in the adorable Bang Band Pie Shop.”
Sweater – Rag and Bone / Jeans – Loft / Booties – Dolce Vita / Scarf – GAP / Charm bracelet – vintage / Earrings – vintage


Stacey (pictured below): “Believe it or not this dress is from Kensie’s winter 2015 looks.  We tend to wear dark colors in the winter and bundle up in bulky pieces.  I wanted to wear something colorful and light in opposition of the typical winter choice.  I paired it with a leather coat and fishnets to give the outfit slight edge.  I always feel bold when wearing fishnets.  I try to get away with it as often as I can.  I like this outfit because you can wear it somewhere like Parson’s during the day and also to dinner at night.”

Kensie Dress / Forever 21 Jacket / Nordstrom fishnets / Mia boots


Jess (pictured below): “Each winter I love to have a statement coat. This one felt like a great mix of old-fashioned glamour and modern tomboy. I love that you can change up the style to create a blanket effect or cocoon silhouette for colder days. In Chicago you need to be able to stay warm even when you are trying to look nice for a holiday party and this coat is my solution!”

Coat – Express / Loft – Shell / Skirt – Loft / Necklace – Loft / Boots – Anne Taylor / Tights – Loft


Stacey (pictured below): “In this outfit I was thinking the opposite as my Parson’s outfit. Ha! I wanted something that was cozy and warm for winter.  Fuzzy and textured materials seemed to be prevalent in many Winter 2015-2016 collections.  I didn’t want to miss out on the comfy trend.  I have so much plaid in my wardrobe and tend to use it as a faithful staple piece year round.  The floppy hat can dress up any outfit nicely or any felt hat for that matter.  A hat adds a fashionable element to any outfit.  This is perfect for brunch and shopping around Logan Square on a cold day.”

Melrose and Market vest / Forever 21 plaid shirt / Hue leggings / Mia boots / Bloomindales hat


From time to time, I step away from the standard weddings and engagements to photograph events. It’s always nice to get a fresh perspective on things and sharpen my skills by stepping out of my comfort zone and into something new. Anyone that knows me also knows that I have fiercely competitive side – so this particular event was extremely fun for me to work and by the end of the competition I felt invested in the bartenders competing and had already placed my bets as to who would be crowned the Monkey Shoulder Ultimate Bartender at Brass Monkey in Chicago.

The Ultimate Bartender Competition, hosted by Monkey Shoulder, had seven rounds. A written test with 100 various questions about general bartending knowledge, spirits, and other random tidbits; creating cocktails from the mixiodic table; a nosing round where they had to identify the type and brand of alcohol; inventory round that involved math skills; a pouring round measured down to the tiniest ounce of fluid; a serving round that was kind of like a memory game; and finally a timed challenge where they had to make eight different Monkey Shoulder cocktails. It was a tight competition down to the very last drop (see what I did there?), but ultimately, Noah Roberts was crowned the Ultimate Bartender – congrats and good luck in the national competition! Here are a few of my favorite moments from the night…

JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0001 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0002 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0003 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0004 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0005 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0006 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0007 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0008 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0009 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0010 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0011 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0012 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0013 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0014 JillTiongcoPhotography-ChicagoEventPhotographer_0015

I had a great time getting to know Molly during her senior portrait session in Oakbrook last week. It was the perfect day – snow was on the ground but it wasn’t too chilly, the sun was shining at the perfect level, and Molly was all smiles and fun as we snapped a few photos of her before she leaves for Wisconsin to play volleyball. This girl is gorgeous, an amazing outside hitter, and has nothing but bright things in her future. Best of luck to you, Molly!