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So, as you’ll probably be able to tell from the photos – we had a blast. Erin, Corey, and myself explored the Chicago Riverwalk and finished the engagement session in West Town at The Dawson. Sidenote: anyone who hasn’t been to The Dawson, go. Right now. Make a reservation. Talk to one of the many helpful people there and get ready to chow down on some delicious food. HUGE thank you to everyone on staff there for being so helpful during the planning process, so welcoming on the shoot day, and for opening up and lighting an area that wasn’t even open that day.

Anyway, we shot on what happened to be a 55 degree day in February in Chicago. Crazy, right? No complaints here – I’ll take it! We laughed, talked about volleyball, joked about my shooting techniques, and created some beautiful images that will hopefully help them remember this happy time in their lives fifty years from now. Erin + Corey, it was fantastic reconnecting with you guys. It had been a few months since we first met during the consult, but getting together again has got me super excited for the wedding in October! Until then, happy wedding planning (and Erin maybe we’ll get some volleyball in before then, too)!

JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0028.jpg JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0029.jpg JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0031.jpg JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0030.jpg JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0032.jpg JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0034.jpg JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0033.jpg JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0035.jpg JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0036.jpgJillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0037.jpg JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0038.jpg JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0039.jpg JillTiongcoPhotography-ParkCityUtahEngagementPhotographer_0041.jpg