el charros.

Being it was our first season together playing as a team, I’d say El Charros has a lot to be proud of this spring/summer. For those of you who don’t know, El Charros is the the co-ed softball team I play on at Elmhurst Park District, along with 10-12 of my friends. It was such a fun season, and a great excuse to get together with every Wednesday night for some friendly competition and a chance to get a glimpse back into our glory days of high school/college sports.

As one of the managers of the team, I also happened to be the only person who had never played softball before. Yikes. Thank God my teammates were understanding and so helpful throughout the season – always giving me tips… keep your weight on your back leg, eye on the ball, tag the runner, step into it. And an even bigger thanks that I got to play catcher, where at least I got to touch every ball so I felt like I was doing something, but if there was a big play at home the pitcher, which happened to be Danny, could come down and make the play. Not to mention the view from home plate wasn’t bad 😉

All in all, I had such a great time this year and am so proud of my team. We had a chance to win the entire league, but lost in the Championship game putting us in third overall. Not bad for the first year. We even got our revenge on the team that knocked us out in the regular season in the semi-finals of the tournament…. Only to lose in the Championship game… due to some of our players being ejected for getting a little heated over some bad calls.

Regardless, it was a blast and I’m so glad we all agreed to do it together… Here’s to going all the way next year Charros!


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