family bowling night.

Because photog has been crazy busy these past few months and probably won’t slow down until Christmas time, if I want to put in some quality time with anyone it usually has to be planned a few weeks in advance. But on that rare occassion, everything spontaneously comes together, which most of the time results in the most memorable nights.

Earlier in the week Danny and I had been talking about what we could do Friday night (God Bless him… he’s gotten in the habit of planning ahead with me). I knew I had a 12 hour wedding the next day and we’ve both been on a saving money kick lately so we were looking for something fairly inexpensive and nothing too crazy. Redbox and bowling were thrown out there and we decided we’d play it by ear and see how we felt later in the week. The next day I decided to email my brother and sister-in-law and see if they happened to be free that night, as well as my parents. It just so happened that everyone was free on such short notice and I couldn’t have been more excited to spend some quality time with everyone.

We ate cheap bowling alley pizza, drank $15 pitchers of Blue Moon, bowled strikes and sadly even a few gutter balls (mostly from my nephews and me), and I loved every single minute of it. Even though I come from a family of bowlers (my brother, mom, and dad all have their own shoes and bowling ball), I wouldn’t call myself a great bowler. And those of you that know me know how much I hate to lose. You’d think those last two statements would be a recipe for disaster for me, but for once, I never even looked at the score. I was too busy laughing with my nephews. I was too busy catching up with my parents. I was too busy hearing about Vegas and Toronto from my brother and sister-in-law. I was even too busy watching Danny get better at bowling as he got tips from the bowling men in my family.





While I may have lost every single game that night, what I won was something much bigger. Being able to spend a fun night with my family, amidst one of the busiest times of my life, is something I’ll remember and cherish much longer than any bowling game I won. <3