I’ve known Sammie, Jessica, and Paula for about 12 years now. We’ve been best friends since high school, but as we get older and our schedules’ get busier, it’s been nearly impossible to find a night that everyone is free. I’ve also known my roommate Emily for almost 6 years, and even though we live together, she’ll be the first to tell you that I work too much and spend almost all of my time at the apartment editing away on my computer; so we don’t necessarily hang out all the time.

So about four months ago (yes, it took us four months of planning in advance to find a date that worked for all five of us), we decided to schedule a girls weekend. Now, I won’t divulge on the all the details of the weekend, but I will say it was full of serious dancing, Brazilian friends, curling irons, late night food, Olympian families, too much garlic, Dom Perignon, sore thumbs, angry bouncers, hours of laughter, towels as blankets, and Chris Pine.

It’s true what they say. No matter how long it’s been, best friends always pick up right where they left off. Love you girls. Next year… Vegas??