how i sold a bmw.

Last month, I took some photos of my brother’s collectors item BMW. It’s an extremely rare model and he wanted to get some artistic and action shots. So, I did the best I could during the shoot; edited, posted, and blogged like normal; and didn’t think anything would come from it since I am primarily a wedding photographer.

Little did I know how fanatical Bimmer enthusiasts were, which I quickly learned after posting a sneak peek on myFacebook Page as it sparked loads of comments and “likes.” One visitor even offered to help my brother sell the car by posting it on the BimmerFest Forum, and I’m even planning to do a family photo shoot with him come this fall or next spring!

Weeks after the shoot, I’m happy to announce that my photos helped my brother sell his car. Not only am I overjoyed that I was able to do something small to help, but it never hurts when someone compliments your photographs.

Here’s an excerpt from what the buyer said,

“…I did not realize I was interested in buying one of these until I read the ad and viewed the incredible photographs, the photographer should be commended…”

Awh, gee thanks. That just made my day and let’s me know I must be doing something right 🙂

On another note, I gotta stop making this silly face when I shoot…


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