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Jul 31, 2012

Being it was our first season together playing as a team, I’d say El Charros has a lot to be proud of this spring/summer. For those of you who don’t know, El Charros is the the co-ed softball team I play on at Elmhurst Park District, along with 10-12 of my friends. It was such a fun season, and a great excuse to get together with every Wednesday night for some friendly competition and a chance to get a glimpse back into our glory days of high school/college sports.

As one of the managers of the team, I also happened to be the only person who had never played softball before. Yikes. Thank God my teammates were understanding and so helpful throughout the season – always giving me tips… keep your weight on your back leg, eye on the ball, tag the runner, step into it. And an even bigger thanks that I got to play catcher, where at least I got to touch every ball so I felt like I was doing something, but if there was a big play at home the pitcher, which happened to be Danny, could come down and make the play. Not to mention the view from home plate wasn’t bad 😉

All in all, I had such a great time this year and am so proud of my team. We had a chance to win the entire league, but lost in the Championship game putting us in third overall. Not bad for the first year. We even got our revenge on the team that knocked us out in the regular season in the semi-finals of the tournament…. Only to lose in the Championship game… due to some of our players being ejected for getting a little heated over some bad calls.

Regardless, it was a blast and I’m so glad we all agreed to do it together… Here’s to going all the way next year Charros!

Kieu and her family were referred to me from one of my own family… my older brother, Jake. Jake and Kieu work together at Komatsu, and like a proud brother, I’m guessing he was gushing about my budding photography business. Apparently, my brother has more confidence in my photography skills than I do, being that he recently recruited me to get action shots of his collector’s item BMW, and now was referring me to a co-worker of his that wanted family photos taken through three generations of family–another thing I’ve never done before.

The session was set for 4:30pm on a Sunday afternoon that was supposed to be 100 degrees. So we pushed it back in hopes that it would cool down a bit. I met with Charlie & Kim, their daughters Patti & Kieu, their husbands Rick & Greg, and Ashley & Joey (Kieu and Greg’s children) at Pottowatomie Park at 7:00pm, but unfortunately it hadn’t cooled down much. The entire family were great sports, however, climbing on rocks, sitting on the grass, and jumping from stone to stone over a creek.

Shooting a family through generations was such a great thing to see and I hope I was able to capture some photos they will cherish forever. It even made me want to get some family photos done of mine! Here are some of my favorite….

Family Photos
Family Photos

Family Photos

I’ve known Sammie, Jessica, and Paula for about 12 years now. We’ve been best friends since high school, but as we get older and our schedules’ get busier, it’s been nearly impossible to find a night that everyone is free. I’ve also known my roommate Emily for almost 6 years, and even though we live together, she’ll be the first to tell you that I work too much and spend almost all of my time at the apartment editing away on my computer; so we don’t necessarily hang out all the time.

So about four months ago (yes, it took us four months of planning in advance to find a date that worked for all five of us), we decided to schedule a girls weekend. Now, I won’t divulge on the all the details of the weekend, but I will say it was full of serious dancing, Brazilian friends, curling irons, late night food, Olympian families, too much garlic, Dom Perignon, sore thumbs, angry bouncers, hours of laughter, towels as blankets, and Chris Pine.

It’s true what they say. No matter how long it’s been, best friends always pick up right where they left off. Love you girls. Next year… Vegas??


When my brother asked me to photograph his latest BMW purchase (his 6th BMW in less than 10 years – I think it’s safe to say he’s a Bimmer fanatic), I felt a wide range of emotions. Of course, I was extremely flattered he trusted me to do this… but at the same time I was secretly panicking in the back of my mind for many reasons. I’m a wedding photographer. Weddings. Cars. Very different. I had never done a shoot like this before, and I don’t exactly look to Cars or Modified Car Magazines for wedding inspiration. But he’s my brother – and I can’t say no to him.

So at 5am (yes, it was still dark outside) on a Saturday morning, we scoured the streets of downtown Wheaton looking for great backdrops and tree-lined, curved streets for some action shots. I’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t my best shoot, and I’m definitely not a certified car photographer now, but I don’t think I did horrible for my first car shoot! It was a lot of fun and was actually great to shoot something completely new. Thanks so much for the opportunity to do this, bro! It definitely sparked some interest on my Facebook Page, too… I guess there’s a few other BMW enthusiasts out there 🙂

Here’s a few of my favorite from the morning…

So, originally I was on one side of the street taking these photos of my brother zooming by in his Bimmer. After a few shots, I decided to switch sides and get a different angle…. But failed to tell my brother that I was moving to the other side of the street. Needless to say, lying on the side of the road about five feet from a BMW going 60mph around the corner is frightening. I think Jake was even a little frightened coming around that corner…


My brother even got in on the photog action and got a shot documenting me in action. Don’t worry, I didn’t get hit by a car, I’m just trying to get some different angles!



Apparently this stripe is hand painted, and the artist signed his name in it. Pretty cool detail!

All in all, had such a great morning shooting with my brother. It even got better when he took me to Egglectic for breakfast afterwards for some quality bro-sis time. Thanks again! Hope you like your photos!


After what felt like a week long celebration for the Fourth of July filled with “mixed drinks” (Summer Shandy + Berry Weiss = best mixed drink EVER), burgers, infamous steak tacos, and hours of games of Cranium… a relaxing weekend in Lake Geneva is just what I needed. Especially since the first half of the summer has been a whirlwind and has flown by since I’ve managed to keep mine and Danny’s schedule nice and FULL. Photo shoots, weddings, birthdays, housewarming parties, Groupon adventures (which I’m absolutely addicted to buying), and summer league co-ed volleyball/softball games [go Team Chicken Fingers!], have made the first half of the summer incredibly awesome, yet fly by way too fast.

Being that I am a crazy planner and a little bit of a control freak (qualities I’m not too proud of), I decided to switch it up a little bit and let Danny choose every single thing we did all weekend. Which he made sure to quote me on a few times throughout the weekend when I’d say I didn’t want to do something or make a face, “I thought this was a ‘do whatever Danny wants weekend,’” he’d taunt. Don’t get me wrong… I love Gordy’s, Smilin’ Dave, and Chuck’s… but this was a weekend away from what most people associate with Lake Geneva. My weekend was full of movies (I highly recommend Ted, and I highly don’t recommend Safehouse), getting my tan on at the pier with “the Hawk,” working on my water treading skills for my upcoming Utah trip…


…eating the best chicken salad in the world, cruising around on golf carts,

playing volleyball and golf with Danny (I made a pretty impressive 15ft. putt on a slanted green that I’m kind of proud of – I even saved the ball)…

…ice cream at Dairy Ripple, and just having an all-around fantastic time—none of which was planned by me 🙂

I am so, so lucky and extremely thankful to have a boyfriend whose family owns a house in Abbey Springs, and that they’re gracious enough to have me at their home whenever I can make it up there. It’s probably my favorite thing to do in the summertime, and I’m so glad that I have Danny to remind me to take some time to relax and enjoy myself. I’m even more lucky that he puts up with my crazy scheduling, and I hope he had as great a weekend as I did (I really hope he did since he planned it!).